7 Types of Customers We Hate!

If you work with the public, especially where there is alcohol  involved….I’m sure you can relate. There are 7 types (maybe more) of customers, the service industry hates to see walk through the door.

  1. Thots: These types of customers are the worst. These “women” come in BROKE with an attitude. They troll the entire bar/club to find some unsuspecting fool to finance there drunkenness. They never tip and they always act as if you owe them something.
  2. Alcohol Challenged: These are the people who only drink 40’s and Seagram’s Gin or they don’t drink at all. They are annoying because the first thing they ask is: “what kind of mix drinks do ya’ll have?” “make me something sweet” it’s annoying because we, as bartenders don’t know what you like and we’re definitely not going to stand there and give you a questionnaire to find out, while there are 20 more customers waiting who actually know what they want.
  3. Angry Drunks: We all know there are certain customers that walk into our place of employment and from the moment they sit down, we know by the time they’re on their 3rd drink, they’re going to become irate and hard to deal with.
  4. Make it Strong: I can honestly tell you…..we all HATE you!!! First, if the drink is made correctly…you should not be able to taste the alcohol. Trust me, its in there and you will get buzzed in time. If you need to taste straight alcohol…order a shot.
  5. Freebies: Again, we all HATE you! We come to work and put up with drunk inappropriate people, stupid co-workers and the last thing we need is customers who always want something for free. My advice would be this…..don’t come out if you can’t afford to pay and tip. Its that easy.
  6. Non-Tippers: We really HATE you! You’re usually the most demanding and the most disrespectful. We make our living from tips….when you don’t tip it automatically puts you on a list. Trust…you don’t want to be on that list.
  7. Can I get your Number?: Hell no! Not only did you just tip $2  or nothing at all your drink was well liquor….we have nothing in common.

There you have it. Pls don’t be that customer

BoooShi Bartender


2 thoughts on “7 Types of Customers We Hate!

  1. #4 bugs me the most! “Lemme get a long island no sour, a SPLASH of coke. JUST A SPLASH. I mean, just…a little… SPLASH.” That’s #8 actually: customers that repeat themselves like we’re slow.


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