How’s Your Tip?

As service industry workers, we depend on tips to make a living.

However, that doesn’t stop some customers from stiffing you, even tho you provided excellent customer service.

It sucks to be stiffed lik that.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say some people just doesn’t know that they’re supposed to tip.

While, I believe others who do know are just some cheap assholes, who’ll run you like crazy then still complain in the end just do they won’t feel obligated to leave a tip. Smh

Even when I receive less than stellar customer service…..I’m going to tip…would it have been what I was going to tip? Nope! But I still tip atleast $3-$5. And that’s for bad service. 

Are you in the service industry? Tell us about your TIPS…..

Comment Below……..


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